Wedding Tips

You can never start planning too early for your big day!

As clinical as it may sound, your first consideration is your budget. You’ve probably heard that every time the word wedding is heard, the price of something goes up. Well that’s true, so you need to be very clear about the following:

  1. Who’s paying for what?

  2. How much do you have?

  3. Can you afford to go over budget like they do almost every time on Grand Designs(!) If so, by how much?

  4. Create a spreadsheet of planned and actual spending in listed categories.

  5. Keep all receipts and update your spreadsheet at least weekly.

  6. Constantly remind yourselves why you are getting married…it’ll help you keep things in perspective as you are bombarded with all the options and choices, from having the perfect smile to which native flowers go in your all- Australian vintage bouquet.

  7. Keep a timetable visible to both of you and make sure it is realistic. Don’t try and choose a dress on the same day as you are tasting wedding cake options. By rushing from one thing to the next you won’t have time to mull over things and feel what works well for both of you.

  8. Book your celebrant early so you can have who you want.

  9. Book essential services such as hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer well in advance – 3-6 months at a minimum. 

  10. Think outside the square. Can you purchase a “demo model” dress? Would you consider putting together (or have a friend put together) cheese wheels and having a “cheese cake” instead of a traditional wedding cake? Your guests will love you for it and it’ll be kinder on your budget.

  11. Remember the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I had a couple who used the tulle from the veil of the bride’s mother to decorate the wedding car. As the bride wasn’t planning on wearing a veil, it was a lovely touch and kept the mother of the bride happy!

  12. Ensure you have a Plan B for your location or venue, in case of bad weather.

  13. Having trouble deciding on your bridal party because you have so many friends? Remove the stress by giving them other important roles in the ceremony. Readers are very special people who add a richness that will be long-remembered.

  14. Grooms! Try to arrive at the wedding venue at least an hour before the ceremony. Then you can go through the run sheet one last time, check on your support team (groomsmen) and be calmed and reassured by your celebrant (of course!).

  15. What colour are your wedding shoes? Consider something other than white so they stay fresh and you can wear them with other outfits once your wedding is over.

  16. Reveal your romantic creativity and write a love letter to your beloved to be exchanged on your wedding day!

  17. When booking your rehearsal (ideally 1-2 weeks prior to the big day!), ensure it’s as close as possible to the ceremony time. This way you’ll have a good picture of such important issues as the position of the sun and direction of the wind and less unwanted surprises for your ceremony!

  18. Grooms, your bride will be so touched when you surprise her with a beautiful white handkerchief (from your pocket) during the ceremony. It’ll save her makeup and your tender thoughtfulness will really impress your guests.

  19. For your ceremony, choose readings which are dear to you and a true reflection of who you are as a couple.

Wedding Kerrylyn and Carmello.JPG