Hi there and a warm congratulations to you and your partner! Now you’ve made the decision to marry, the fun begins…

There’s lots for me to do to ensure your ceremony is a true reflection of you and your partner’s relationship and hopes for your future.

Our first meeting is an obligation-free “get to know you” opportunity enabling you to decide if my personality and services are what you are looking for. We will look at the legal requirements, and I can answer any questions or concerns you have.

Once you’ve decided you would like to engage me, we will meet to discuss the fine details which includes the logistics and atmosphere of your ceremony and what you do and don’t want.

I am very proud of my place in the wedding industry and am dedicated to giving you an experience you will remember forever. My attention to detail is impeccable. I am warm and friendly and a good listener. I will go above and beyond to meet your needs as a celebrant.


My presentation is very professional and that means you and your guests will be comfortable with my manner and find me reliable, inclusive and helpful.

You and your partner are unique and I have a genuine compassion and understanding of the way people are all so different. I’ve married couples of all ages and nationalities both locally and from overseas and interstate and in many different settings.
I’m committed to creating a ceremony script that you and your partner will love.

If music is an important part of your ceremony, you can forget any worry about this. I have a powerful PA system which will play your special pieces and ensure the ceremony is properly heard. I am blessed to have an excellent roadie (my husband Steve), who takes care of all things sound. Steve has a background in IT, loves all types of music, can read the weather very well and has great people skills. Together we are an awesome team.

Wedding Services Include

  • An obligation-free meeting to see if you would like to engage me
  • Second meeting to begin the legal paperwork such as completing the Notice of
  • Intended Marriage and identification requirements
  • A large selection of readings, vows and verses
  • Selection of rituals or traditions to include in your ceremony
  • Gathering information you share with me about yourselves, which all forms part of
  • Your Story for your ceremony
  • Further meetings, phone calls and emails as required
  • Creation of your bespoke ceremony script
  • Advice regarding your ceremony
  • Attending and conducting a full rehearsal
  • Travel to the location of your ceremony
  • Delivery of your ceremony
  • Use of my excellent wireless PA system
  • A beautiful presentation copy of your ceremony
  • Lodgement of all official paperwork
  • Provision of Letter to assist with Spousal Visa Application

There’s so much information out there designed to help you make this the most exciting day of your life.

I’ve been blessed to have married many wonderful couples. Feel free to check out my Wedding Tips, Testimonials, FAQs and Facebook recommendations.

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Commitment Ceremonies

There are times when for reasons beyond our control, it’s not possible to have a legal marriage. This doesn’t mean your love and commitment should go unannounced or not be celebrated.

Commitment ceremonies can be just as wonderful as weddings, with all the trimmings and memories.

There is of course no legal paperwork, however I provide a beautiful certificate and presentation copy of the ceremony!

Vow Renewals

A vow renewal can be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment over the years and look forward to your time ahead together! Whether you have this at 1, 5, 10, 20 or 50 years of marriage, there are no rules here. It’s not a legal ceremony, however can run in much the same way as a wedding and is lots of fun.

You can have this anywhere that’s special to you. Lots of couples enjoy having it at home with family and close friends who can be included in the ceremony. Others might enjoy celebrating at a venue where everyone can just relax.

Rituals such as candle lighting, handfasting and many others can really enrich your ceremony. You can honour your children at the ceremony and even “pass the baton” to any of them who are thinking of marriage.

You can surprise your partner with a vow renewal or even include a house blessing.  
The sky’s the limit with whatever is special to you both and I can help you create this occasion.

You may also find the FAQ section helpful.

Name Giving

A name giving ceremony is an opportunity for the parents, family and friends of the child to express their excitement, love and hope for their child and his or her future.

Traditionally, the parents will select Godparents, who may also be called Guardians or Mentors for the child. Typically, these are dear friends of the parents, who will take a close interest and lovingly support the child through life.

Grandparents are also encouraged to play a special role in the name giving ceremony.

Certificates are provided and signed by witnesses and parents.

It is important that the name giving ceremony reflects the cultural and community values of the parents and family of your child. This can be represented in a variety of ways, including music, readings and poetry and rituals.

Order of Ceremony

This is a general guide only. Just as your child is unique, your ceremony is also unique and we can be as creative and flexible as you wish. As your Celebrant I will work with you to create and select the script which will ensure a beautiful and memorable ceremony for your child.

  • Introduction (Celebrant)
  • Reading (Grandparent/Guest)
  • Recognition of Godparents
  • Naming of the child
  • Ritual
  • Promise (Parents)
  • Guest Wishes for the child
  • Reading (Guest)
  • Celebrant’s speech (optional)
  • Certificate signing
  • Presentation of child
  • Celebrations!

The length of a name giving ceremony will vary, but as a guide lasts for 20-30 minutes.

You may also find the FAQ section helpful.

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Funerals and Memorials

Nobody can prepare you for the loss of someone you love. It is one of the most difficult times in your life. Unfortunately for most, there is pressure to bring things together quickly and its easy to feel overwhelmed with it all.

By opening your hearts with ceremony you will be able to connect with others and be just a little comforted during such a painful time.

I’ll be happy to assist with this and will design a ceremony rich in content and that gives as many people as possible the opportunity to participate.

You may wish to include meaningful rituals such as candle lighting, balloon release or almost anything pertinent to your loved one.

Eulogy writing can be challenging. I can help you with this and will deliver the Eulogy at the ceremony if you need me to. I have a large selection of readings from which you may select those appropriate to your loved one. 

We can include readings or poems which are special to you or I can help you write what you would like to say or have said.

Choosing photographs and music, while important tasks, may be a little daunting. I am happy to offer guidance in this area.

While chapel funerals are most common, there are many ways to say farewell to your loved one. You may wish to have the ceremony outside either in a favourite park, at your home or at the graveside. I am happy to perform ceremonies in any location.

Memorial services are a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to your loved one. Generally there are no time constraints so this provides a unique time for people to fellowship as they farewell a loved one.
Living funerals are becoming more popular and give your loved one the chance to see people important to them and help everyone prepare for upcoming events.

Funeral and Memorial Services include

  • Initial meeting of two or more hours. Here is where I spend time with you gathering information about your loved one and offering suggestions for the content of the ceremony. We can have more meetings as required or communicate by phone and email.
  • Creation and writing of the ceremony to suit your requirements and confirmation that you are completely satisfied with what will be presented.
  • Delivery of the ceremony. I will arrive at least half an hour before the ceremony to ensure that all is in place as required.
  • Presentation copy of the ceremony. I will provide this to you after the ceremony. I will spend just a short time around you and your family and friends after the ceremony. I will leave discreetly and appropriately so you can carry on with your plans afterwards.
  • You are most welcome to follow up with me some time after the day of the ceremony if there is anything you would like to discuss.

Funeral Planning

  • If you’re having a chapel funeral, consider making a double booking to give plenty of time for the ceremony. Families often feel very rushed and there’s enough pressure on you at such an emotional time.
  • Include children in the ceremony. They add a beautiful touch in the farewell to your loved ones and often surprise us with their innocent and honest approach to things.
  • Remember that things don’t have to be perfect. Your loved one knew you as human and you loved each other for that.
  • Include refreshments at some point, whether this be something light at the chapel, a wake, or a meal at a favourite restaurant. It’s easy to push your needs aside when you’re in pain and this is just the time we need to feed not only our souls but also our bodies. It also gives the opportunity to share with others who come to join you in grief.
  • Give yourself permission to be helped if necessary, at the ceremony. Perhaps you plan to read the eulogy or some prose. Often, we don’t realise how hard this will be in the moment. Organise a back-up from your family or friends and remember, I will be right at your side to read for you if you wish.

Memorial Service Ideas

  • Consider a candle-lighting during the service. This is an ideal ritual for older grandchildren who may prefer not to write letters or draw pictures to place on or in your loved one’s casket.
  • Appoint a close friend to gather photos which can be mounted on a memory board before the day of the funeral. This is a great source of comfort and gives a focal point after the service.
  • A butterfly release is a beautiful conclusion to a ceremony. This is particularly meaningful for young children who will always remember something so special.
  • A balloon release after the service is also a wonderful ritual. Remember to only attach items which are biodegradable.
  • Photos and small items of importance from your loved one’s life really personalise a memorial service. This can mean literally anything from beautifully hand crocheted coat hangers, to favourite LPs, to musical instruments.
  • Honour military veterans by ensuring the last post is played at the ceremony and if possible the national flag appropriately draped, later folded and handed to the next of kin.
  • Having pallbearers carry the casket is a very poignant symbol. It adds dignity to the ceremony and helps the mourners feel a connection to their loved one. Check with the funeral director to see if this is workable in your situation.
  • Give as many significant people as possible roles in the ceremony. This brings comfort and a sense of community to the grieving family and honours their loved one. Mourners can read, hand out booklets, help out with small children and just about anything you can think of that will add richness to the ceremony and give support to the immediate family.

You may also find the FAQ section helpful.

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