Congratulations on your

Hi there and a warm congratulations to you and your partner!  Now you’ve made the decision to marry, the fun begins…

There’s so much information out there designed to help you make this the most exciting day of your life. What comes first?  I’m happy to share my Wedding Tips with you.

There’s lots for me to do to ensure your ceremony is a true reflection of you and your partner’s relationship and hopes for your future. Our first meeting is an obligation-free “get to know you” opportunity enabling you to decide if my personality and services are what you are looking for. We will take a look at the legal requirements and I can answer any questions or concerns you have. Once you’ve decided you would like to engage me, we will meet to discuss the fine detail which includes the logistics and atmosphere of your ceremony and what you definitely do and don’t want.

I am very proud of my place in the wedding industry and am dedicated to giving you an experience you will remember forever.  My attention to detail is impeccable.  I am warm and friendly and a good listener. I will go above and beyond to meet your needs as a celebrant. My presentation is very professional and that means you and your guests will be comfortable with my manner and find me reliable, inclusive and helpful.

You and your partner are unique and I have a genuine compassion and understanding of the way people are all so different. I’ve married couples of all ages and nationalities both locally and from overseas and interstate and in many different settings.

If music is an important part of your ceremony, you can forget any worry about this. I have a powerful PA system which will play your special pieces and also ensure the ceremony is properly heard. I am blessed to have an excellent roadie (my husband Steve), who takes care of all things sound.  Steve has a background in IT, loves all types of music, can read the weather very well and has great people skills.  Together we are an awesome team.

I’ve been blessed to have married many wonderful couples.  Feel free to check out my testimonials and Facebook recommendations.  You may also find the FAQ page helpful.


Services Include

  • An obligation-free meeting to see if you would like to engage me

  • Second meeting to begin the legal paperwork such as completing the Notice of Intended Marriage and identification requirements

  • A large selection of readings, vows and verses

  • Gathering information you share with me about yourselves, which all form part of Your Story for your ceremony

  • Advice regarding your ceremony

  • Attending and conducting a full rehearsal

  • Travel to the location of your ceremony

  • Use of my excellent wireless PA system

  • A beautiful presentation copy of your ceremony

  • Lodgement of all official paperwork

  • Provision of Letter to assist with Spousal Visa Application


Renewing your vows

A vow renewal can be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment over the years and look forward to your time ahead together! Whether you have this at 1, 5, 10, 20 or 50 years of marriage, there are no rules here. It’s not a legal ceremony, however can run in much the same way as a wedding and is lots of fun.

You can have this anywhere that’s special to you. Lots of couples enjoy having it at home with family and close friends who can be included in the ceremony. Others might enjoy celebrating at a venue where everyone can just relax.

Rituals such as candle lighting, handfasting and many others can really enrich your ceremony. You can honour your children at the ceremony and even “pass the baton” to any of them who are thinking of marriage.

You can surprise your partner with a vow renewal or even include a house blessing. 

The sky’s the limit with whatever is special to you both and I can help you create this occasion.


Commitment Ceremonies

There are times when for reasons beyond our control, it’s not possible to have a legal marriage. This doesn’t mean your love and commitment should go unannounced or not be celebrated.

Commitment ceremonies can be just as wonderful as weddings, with all the trimmings and memories.

There is of course no legal paperwork, however I provide a beautiful certificate and presentation copy of the ceremony!

Singh Wedding 3.jpg
Renae and Scott are such a devoted couple and it was a delight to marry them.  The wonderfully talented Scott created a beautiful wooden memory box for the ceremony. This held a special bottle and an unseen letter from each of them to the other, all to be shared on their first anniversary!

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did as our celebrant.  You were so helpful with readings and finalising our vows.  Your presentation was immaculate and our presentation booklet and marriage certificate were beautiful.  You played such a special role in our day!”