Congratulations on the new baby!

A name giving is a non-religious ceremony which celebrates and welcomes the arrival of a child into the world. It is an opportunity for the parents, family and friends of the child to express their excitement, love and hope for their child and his or her future.

Traditionally, the parents will select Godparents, who may also be called Guardians or Mentors for the child. Typically these are dear friends of the parents, who will take a close interest and lovingly support the child through life.
Grandparents are also encouraged to play a special role in the name giving ceremony.

Certificates are provided and signed by witnesses and parents.

It is important that the name giving ceremony reflects the cultural and community values of the parents and family of your child. This can be represented in a variety of ways, including music, readings and poetry and rituals.

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Order of Ceremony

This is a general guide only. Just as your child is unique, your ceremony is also unique and can be as creative and flexible as you wish. As your Celebrant I will work with you to create and select the script which will ensure a beautiful and memorable ceremony for your child.​

  • Introduction (Celebrant)

  • Reading (Grandparent/Guest)

  • Recognition of Godparents

  • Naming of the child

  • Ritual

  • Promise (Parents)

  • Guest Wishes for the child

  • Reading (Guest)

  • Celebrants speech (optional)

  • Certificate signing

  • Presentation of child

  • Celebrations!

The length of a name giving ceremony will vary depending but as a guide lasts for 20-30 minutes.

Whatever the occasion, I will help you to personalise the ceremony and include many memorable and culturally enriching words and acts that have special meaning for you and those you love.
Noel and Amie 

“Thank you so much for making our ceremony so fantastic, it was beautiful – perfect!  All of your efforts are greatly appreciate and made our day so special.  Thanks also to your lovely assistant!”