Condolences on 
your loss.

Losing a loved one is so very difficult. As a celebrant, I feel privileged to work with families to create a ceremony which reflects the life and loves of your dear one.

I will design a ceremony that is rich in content and give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate. By opening your hearts with ceremony you are able to connect with others and be just a little comforted during such a painful time.

I will be happy to assist in creating this for you.

You may wish to include meaningful rituals such as candle lighting, balloon release or almost anything pertinent to your loved one.

Eulogy writing can be challenging. I can help you with this and will deliver the Eulogy at the ceremony if you need me to. I have a large selection of readings from which you may select those appropriate to your loved one. We can include readings or poems which are special to you or I can help you write what you would like to say or have said.

Choosing photographs and music, while important tasks, may be a little daunting. I am happy to offer guidance in this area.

While chapel funerals are most common, there are many ways to say farewell to your loved one. You may wish to have the ceremony outside either in a favourite park, at your home or at the graveside. I am happy to perform ceremonies in any location. 

Memorial services are a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to your loved one. Generally there are no time constraints so this provides a unique time for people to fellowship as they farewell a loved one.

Living funerals are becoming more popular and give your loved one the chance to see people important to them and help everyone prepare for upcoming events.


Services Include

  • Initial meeting of two or more hours. Here is where I spend time with you gathering information about your loved one and offering suggestions for the content of the ceremony. We can have more meetings as required or communicate by phone and email.

  • Writing of the ceremony to suit your requirements and confirmation that you are completely satisfied with what will be presented.

  • Delivery of the ceremony. I will arrive at least half an hour before the ceremony to ensure that all is in place as required.

  • Presentation copy of the ceremony. I will provide this to you after the ceremony. I will spend just a short time around you and your family and friends after the ceremony. I will leave discreetly and appropriately so you can carry on with your plans afterwards.

  • You are most welcome to follow up with me some time after the day of the ceremony if there is anything you would like to discuss.

Eileen and family

I am so glad you were our celebrant as you embodied our values and delivered the service as we envisaged. Many thanks and best wishes.