Funeral Etiquette

  • Be aware that there will be certain seating arrangements in place. It is customary for the immediate family to sit in the front row, followed by extended family in the next rows. Close friends sit in rows in front of acquaintances and colleagues.

  • When deciding your attire for the occasion, wear conservative and respectful clothing. It is not essential for this to be black and indeed many families will ask for bright, happy colours and even perhaps in the favourite colour or style of their loved one.

  • Ensure you arrive 20-30 minutes before the service. Punctuality is extremely important and minimises disruption or distraction for the grieving family.

  • Keep noise to a minimum. This includes conversations with others outside and inside the venue and the standard courtesies around mobile devices.

  • Respect the wishes of the grieving family and try not to approach them during the service. This is particularly important during the reflection when mourners are returning to their seats after placing rosemary or small items on the coffin. This can be a particularly distressing time for grieving families.

  • Be patient when waiting to speak with the family following the service and remember to share any special memories with them. It is often the case that beautiful things are shared that the family may not have heard before and this kindness and compassion will be soothing to them.